A “Smart Wall” is a Dumb Idea After Supreme Court Passes on DACA

The Mental Health of Migrants Should Be on All of Our Minds

A Letter to Cyntoia Brown in Solidarity From an Immigrant Sister in Struggle

OC Supervisors to Hold Public Forum on the County’s Relationships With ICE

What: Public Forum on the County’s Relationships with ICE

When: December 4th @ 9:30 AM

Where: 333 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, CA 92701

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Last March, I joined Denise de la Cruz and tallest Mexican in Orange County, Gabriel San Roman, to talk immigration for OC Weekly’s OC Speakly podcast. We were a few months into Trump’s presidency. I remember feeling dazed. By this point Trump had rubber stamped Steve Bannon’s first Muslim Ban, Jeff Sessions started putting out […]

Jennicet Gutierrez: 3 Years After Interrupting Obama at the White House

David Carbajal talks with Jennicet Gutierrez about the day she interrupted President Obama at the White House Pride Celebration in order to call for an end to the detention and deportation of Transgender immigrants. The interview was first streamed live on Chispa’s Facebook account on June 21, 2018. We would like to thank Abigail Marin […]

OC Human Relations Honoring Sheriff Hutchens is a Slap in the Face to All Who Believe in Justice

I thought it was April Fools again when I learned that OC Human Relations will honor Orange County Sheriff, Sandra Hutchens, at its Annual AWARDS Celebration and Fundraiser.   Unfortunately this isn’t an elaborate practical joke. On May 3rd, OC Human Relations will really honor a Sheriff whose greatest claims to fame are running an […]

Liberal Cities Must Respond to Attacks Against Sanctuary by Defending and Strengthening It

Last week, the City of Los Alamitos in Orange County took the first step in passing an ordinance to exempt itself from the California Values Act, the state’s sanctuary law. The council also lent its support to Jeff Sessions’ lawsuit against California with an amicus brief, a legal document designed to offer additional information for […]

Los Alamitos Puts Itself on the Wrong Side of History With Attempt to Undermine Sanctuary Law

Tonight, the Los Alamitos City Council is set to consider an ordinance designed with the intention of opting the city out of the California Values Act, our state’s Sanctuary law. This ordinance is missguided, based on a bad interpretation of immigration law, and must be rejected.   Under the Tenth Amendment, California has the right […]

The More Congress Fails Immigrants, the More We Must Embrace Risk, Creativity, and Idealism

Donald Trump really wants to convince the public that Democrats don’t care for DACA, but conveniently fails to mention he started the fire when he moved to end the program last summer.   While Democrats seem to not care about DACA, the DREAM Act, or immigrant youth once the politics get tough, the fact of […]