Campaigns and Victories

SB 2: Police Decertification in California​

In 2021 Chispa joined to push for Senate Bill 2 in the California State Legislature. At the time, California was one of four states in the country who did not have the authority to decertify an officer for serious crimes and incidents of dishonesty, theft, sexual assault, and excessive use of force. SB 2, The Kenneth Ross Jr. Police Decertification Act of 2021, adjusts qualified immunity for law enforcement and increases accountability for law enforcement officers that commit serious misconduct and violate a person’s civil rights.

Governer Newton signed the bill into law on September 30th 2021, paving the way for statewide police reform in California

COVID 19: Vaccination sites

The Orange County Board of Supervisors’ (BOS) response to the Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately hurt Latinxs in Orange County. As a result, cities like Santa Ana and Anaheim, where the largest share of Latinxs in the county reside, felt the brunt of the pandemic’s impacts.

In early 2021 we pushed the Board of Supervisors to implement vaccinations sites in the county. We were able to get them to agree to implement A “medium-sized vaccination pod” at Santa Ana College, a collaboration with the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) to provide free transportation to seniors who cannot get to this site, and 2 “mobile vaccination pods” in Santa Ana and 1 in Anaheim. 

Cannabis & MET Funds: Youth Services Funding

In 2021 we joined collective efforts alongside organizations like Invest in Youth, Santa Ana Youth in Action, Alianza Translatinx, Sullivan en Accion, the Housing Coalition, and the Advancement Project. 

Councilmember Lopez introduced an amendment to the cannabis ordinance that states the “city council shall not under any circumstances allocate less than 50% to youth services.” This amendment gives the City Council the discretion to allocate more cannabis fund revenue to youth investment over enforcement. The Santa Ana City Council voted to shift $1.1 million of the Santa Ana Police Metro Division Budget to resources that support youth engagement and crime prevention.