El Mercado Northgate ve más ganancias en el desplazamiento que en la Raza que ayudó a construirlo

Cuando llego a casa del trabajo los viernes, mi madre me pide que la lleve al mercado y ella trae sus bolsas reusables y una lista de cosas que necesita. A mi mamá le gusta más el producto de Northgate que cualquier otra tienda y nos dirigimos al local de Northgate en Main y Cubbon. […]

Northgate Market Turns To Real Estate, and Against the Working Class Raza Who Built It

When I come home from work on Fridays my mom asks me to take her to el mercado and she brings her reusable shopping bags and a list of things she needs. My mom likes the produce from Northgate more than any other store and we make our way over to the Northgate location on […]

Gentrifiers Just Colonized Santa Ana’s Cinco de Mayo Festival

If you are a young resident of Santa Ana, you probably remember walking down la cuatro with your family or friends on the first weekend of May, stretching your dollar bills to pay for a warm, pineapple-filled churro or an agua de melon. You probably also remember the carnival rides light up the night along […]

Vacation Bar is the Latest Gentrified Spot to Steal the Hood Food Business Model and Profit Off It

You know gentrification is nestling quite comfortably in your neighborhood when you see a portable grill on the sidewalk selling $8 bacon wrapped sausages by a twenty-something-year-old millennial in a rustic-stained welding apron.   In truth, bacon wrapped hot dogs are a common delicacy sold by immigrants, or lower income folks during the darkness of […]