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Chispa is a brave organizing political home for young Latinx identifying peoples. Chispa seeks to engage with excluded peoples to uproot systems of oppression and cultivate systems grounded in community accountability, solidarity, and self-determination for our communities to thrive.

COVID-19 Orange County Community Resources

Our CV-19 OC Community Response Team put together a comprehensive resource guide for community members to use. Please use the tabs on the bottom of the page in the spreadsheet to navigate different categories of resources.

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Deport This! was a partnership between Chispa, OC Weekly, and Orange County Immigrant Youth United that ran from 2018 to 2019. The column existed as a rebuttal to Donald Trump’s racist politics and his OC cheerleaders, who’ll no doubt get triggered week after week by the news and vies undocumented young people and our allies.

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