About Us

Chispa is a brave organizing political home for young Latinx identifying peoples. Chispa seeks to engage with excluded peoples to uproot systems of oppression and cultivate systems grounded in community accountability, solidarity, and self-determination for our communities to thrive.

Take Action on Active Campaigns

Santa Ana City Council: Close the Santa Ana City Jail!

Living is Not a Crime: Reject Santa Ana Anti-Homeless Ordinance!

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Orange County’s Tributes to KKK Members and the Confederacy Must Go

Partner With Us!

Want to run your own online petition campaign? Use our Mijente petition platform, the petition software for the Latinx community.

Identifying the issue or injustice you want to change, and craft a demand.

Identify the people or entities with the power to correct the issue in order to direct your demand toward them.

Explain why you care about this issue. Write the text of your petition as if you were explaining it to a friend.

Share your petition with all your people over social media, email, and don’t forget to take it to the streets by telling your friends, your vecinos, your titi, your comadre, fulanito from the bodega.

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