Carolyn Torres and Manny Escamilla, Chispa’s Choice for SanTana

Chispa is excited to endorse Carolyn Torres for Santa Ana School Board and Manny Escamilla for Santa Ana City Council Ward 4.

Bulmaro “Boomer” Vicente Receives Competitive Criminal Justice Reform Fellowship to Organize in SanTana

Those of you who follow us recognize Boomer from the many articles he’s written about police oversight over the last year. Now, learn more about him as he embarks on a new journey as a Soros Justice Fellow. Cover Photo Credit: Ben Camacho

Delays, Fees, Records Destruction: Police Departments Block Public’s Right to Know in Santa Ana/California

Across California, police departments shield their misconduct records by delaying their release, charging high fees, or outright destroying them at times. Photo by City of Santa Ana.

Police Union President Lashes Out at Villegas for Vote Against Police Pay Hikes

On February 5th,the Santa Ana City Council wrote a $25.6 million blank check to the Santa Ana Police Officers Association (SAPOA) in the form of a new contract, despite having no money in their pockets to approve the largest police pay raise in decades with a vote of 4 to 2. However, the POA failed […]

SanTana Cop Pay Raise and Misconduct Record Decisions Threaten to Break Public Trust

On January 31st, the City Manager and Police Chief made a joint statement in response to the Santa Ana Police Department’s (SAPD) request to destroy police records. In their statement, SAPD Chief David Valentin stated that the destruction of police records is a “routine process,” and not a response to any recently enacted legislation or […]

Dangerous Sound at Risk of Losing Its Sanctuary

When I first walked into Sanctuary Sound I wasn’t sure I was in the right place. From the scratched and tagged door marking the entrance, to the bathtub serving as a makeshift urinal, the words community space didn’t enter my mind. But that’s exactly what it is, and perhaps fitting for one that defines itself […]

Santa Ana’s Anti-Homeless Ordinance Betrays Its Sanctuary City Commitment

This Tuesday, the Santa Ana city council will consider an ordinance that furthers the criminalization of the civic center homeless population. It will deprive the least among us of tents to protect from the rain. It will limit their means to income through the banning of stored recyclables, unused bike parts, and the handyman’s tools […]

Worker Cooperatives Pave the Way for a Community Driven Economy in Santa Ana

Santa Ana City Council Members approved last night a resolution, directing staff to return within 90 days with specific opportunities to reduce barriers to, make available funding for, and increase outreach and growth of worker cooperatives.  And the benefits that worker cooperatives will bring to Santa Ana, in turn, are plentiful.   Worker cooperatives are […]