We Challenged Councilman David Penaloza to Defend his Vote for the $25M Police Contract

We challenged Councilmember David Penaloza to defend his vote for the $25M Police Contract. See the letter we sent him to learn why. Photo Credit: City of Santa Ana.

Check out “Deport This!” A Partnership Column with OC Weekly and OC Immigrant Youth United!

Last March, I joined Denise de la Cruz and tallest Mexican in Orange County, Gabriel San Roman, to talk immigration for OC Weekly’s OC Speakly podcast. We were a few months into Trump’s presidency. I remember feeling dazed. By this point Trump had rubber stamped Steve Bannon’s first Muslim Ban, Jeff Sessions started putting out […]

Liberal Cities Must Respond to Attacks Against Sanctuary by Defending and Strengthening It

Last week, the City of Los Alamitos in Orange County took the first step in passing an ordinance to exempt itself from the California Values Act, the state’s sanctuary law. The council also lent its support to Jeff Sessions’ lawsuit against California with an amicus brief, a legal document designed to offer additional information for […]

The Supreme Court Just Sided With Trump to Take Away Rights from Immigrants

On Monday February 27th, the Supreme Court handed ICE and the Trump Administration a powerful tool to continue their attacks on immigrant communities.  In Jennings v. Rodriguez the Court ruled that ICE can detain immigrants indefinitely, withdrawing the right to due process for millions. The decision ensures that people held in immigrant detention facilities no […]

Dangerous Sound at Risk of Losing Its Sanctuary

When I first walked into Sanctuary Sound I wasn’t sure I was in the right place. From the scratched and tagged door marking the entrance, to the bathtub serving as a makeshift urinal, the words community space didn’t enter my mind. But that’s exactly what it is, and perhaps fitting for one that defines itself […]